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Board of Directors

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Mr. GURUNG Santosh Kumar

Founder Member

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Mrs. GURUNG Radhika

Founder Director

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Mr. PUN Tej Prakash


Founder Chairman

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Mr. LAVENDER Christopher Peter

Non-Executive Director (Board of Director)

Management Committee Members

1. Account Manager - Ms. KWOK, Ling
2. Event Co-ordinator - Ms. TSIN, Hody
3. Ast. Co-ordinator- Ms. GURUNG, Minita
5. Volunteers- All members of EM Community

Advisory Committee Members

1. Chief Advisor - Mr. LAVENDER, Christopher
2. Legal Advisor - Mr. LO, Stanley
3. Financial Advisor -Mr. YU, Homer
4. All Presidents of Caste Associations of Nepalese Community
5. All Presidents of Religious Associations of Nepalese Community
6. Representatives of the EMs Community