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Who We Are

The Gurkhas Group (G3S) Charity Foundation Limited, is a non-governmental organization founded in 22 September 2018. IRD no. 91/14874. We on serving all the ethnic minorities residing in Hong Kong regardless of their age, race, and gender.


Our mission is to serve the less fortunate groups within our society for the families, children and youth, elderlies and marginalized women and unemployed individuals by providing appropriate services and support to achieve self-empowerment. 


Our Aim

We aim to promote racial harmony and enhance exchanges and mutual understanding between ethnic minorities, locals and strengthen the learning capacity of non-Chinese students by empowering ethnic minority women and youth to allow them to discover their potentials. 

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Our Mission

Core Values

Honesty:  Honesty is the best policy, so we will serve each individual with integrity and self- determination.   


Empathy: We will help the individual with the ability to understand and share the feelings of one another. We believe we have a responsibility to serve those in need.

Love: Our Love for all the individual regardless of race, will be pure and unconditional. We will always be there for any of the individual to integrate with one another.

Protect: To secure the protection of privacy of individuals with respect to personal data we will not provide any personal Identifiable information to any third party.

Our Services

  • Organize activities, groups and projects for the community:

  • Cross-cultural volunteer project

  • Festival celebrations

  • Racial harmony activities

  • Women empowerment project 

  • Youth leader development group

  • Social Inclusion Programs

  • After-school Tutorial Classes

  • Employment Support Service

  • Self-help and Mutual-help Groups

  • Provide cultural sensitivity education and training to local NGO’s and schools to help the locals understand the lives and cultures of ethnic minorities.

  • Provide suitable employment support and training courses to job-seekers.

  • Provide language courses (basic and advanced level of Chinese and English)

  • Provide interpretation services

  • Provide escorting services

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