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Yau Ma Tei Fire Victims Children Relief Fund Handover Ceremony

Date: 14 April 2021

Venue: Yau Tsim Mong Multicultural Activity Centre

Dear all friends, relatives and well wishers of "Yau Ma Tei Fire Victim Relief Fund" for their continue education up to age of 18th or completion of their Secondary School Fees. We have successfully raised HKD 529,265.00 and distributed first year of donation to those 7 Childrens who were survived from above incident whose names are as follows:

1. KANDEL Kriss - 3 years old -HKD 4,055.00 (Kindergarden)

2. NEPAL Prince - 7 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Primary)

3. GURUNG Aris - 11 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Primary)

4. LIMBU Astha - 11 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Primary)

5. GURUNG Sahin 13 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Secondary)

6. KANDEL Salikram - 13 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Secondary)

7. GURUNG Angila - 14 years old - HKD 15,500.00 (Secondary)

Total of HKD 529,265.00 ( We have donated HKD 97,055.00) for the first year and it will be continued for 15 years until those childrens have reached age of 18. We will have handing over ceremony on the day of Nepalese New Year in every year.

We would like to thank to those 61 donors who have supported our mission and will continue open to interested donors until it complete its mission. We will also look for donors for scholarship package for those childrens who will join the college and university respectively and We will also find the suitable jobs for those parents who were suffered in that incident including those childrens who will complete their graduation in the near future.

We wish to be strong mindset to those survived families and feel free to contact us at any times if they need any support in the near future.

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