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Disposable Masks Donation Handover Ceremony Value: (160,000 USD)

The Donation Ceremony from WanCheng Electronic Commerce (Tianjin) Co. Ltd to the Gurkhas Group (G3S) Charity Foundation Limited on protective masks took place in the Embassy of Nepal in Beijing on July 09, 2021. More than 60 guests attended the event who are CEO, founders, presidents, etc. from big companies in China, to name a few: Private Board of Directors of High-End Resources for Chinese and International Entrepreneurs, Beijing Huaxia Taihang Technology Group, Yunqi Group, Juejin Group, Kanjiao Technology Group, Yinghe Law Firm, Silk Road International Peace Think Tank (SRIPT), Zhongkang Guodou (Beijing) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Wuyi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, etc.

Mr. Sushil K Lamsal, the Minnister/ Deputy Chief of Missions in Beijing sent his greetings to the guests and the donor as well as Anna Su from the Gurkhas Group (G3S) Charity Foundation Limited.

Anna Su, the Country Director of Gurkhas Group gave a speech on the donation handover ceremony and expressed gratitude and thanks to the donor and guests on behalf of Mr. Prakash Pun, the President of Gurkhas Group.

The Donation ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Sushil K Lamsal, the Minnister/ Deputy Chief of Missions in Beijing (sit in the middle)and the donor Mr. Xu Bing (Left 1) and Ms. Anna Su (Right 1),Country Director.


Guests showed great interest in Nepal tourism, investment, culture, art, education, etc. and we will arrange business people coming to Nepal for sightseeing and discover potential investment opportunities.

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